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WisHHRA Listserve

Your membership to WisHHRA gains you access to the WisHHRA Listserve.  Email communications can be sent to - emails will only go through for those who have active membership rights.

WisHHRA Listserve Etiquette

As with any community, there are simple rules of etiquette that guide the group in communicating with ease and ensure a free flow of information:

  • You must be a WisHHRA member to subscribe.  WisHHRA, as represented by the discussion board moderator, reserves the right to remove a subscriber from the list at any time.
  • Discussion should be professional and be centered on discussion of hospital human resource topics.
  • When posting a message, use an appropriate and identifiable subject line that identifies your topic. 
  • Avoid responses that do not add anything to the discussion, such as simply agreement with a statement or saying that you don’t know an answer to a question.  It is not necessary to “Reply” or “Reply to all” to say thank you for the information.  Be brief when posting.  Understand that users have limited time for reading entries. Respect that time by being succinct and to the point.  Good manners online means that you consider the reader.
  • No sharing of salary information!  That is why we utilize Newport Group to conduct salary surveys and report the information back to membership.
  • No negative posts of any kind allowed.  This includes "bashing" any person or company, for any reason.  This is not the place to lodge complaints or to "vent".  Please be polite & tactful, and considerate of others feelings.
  • No "Anonymous" posts allowed.  Please make sure that your name, organization and telephone number appear in your e-mail.  Readers may want to contact you personally.
  • Proofread your entry before posting. Check for typos and grammatical errors that may allow users to misconstrue your entry.
  • No Spam!  The e-mail addresses of the list serve users are for WisHHRA use only.  Sending unsolicited spam mail is prohibited.
  • You must have copyright ownership of all material that you include with your e-mails. If you’d like to refer to a news article from another site, please post no more than a few lines summarizing the article and include a link to it.
  • You participate at your own risk on bulletin boards, chat rooms and via e-mail. You take responsibility for postings under your name and use the information provided here at your own risk.

Anti-Trust Notice Regarding the Sharing of Compensation Related Data:

As a reminder we want to ensure that you are aware of our position on the sharing of compensation-related information.

WisHHRA prohibits and does not sanction the sharing of compensation related information among members. The sharing of this information is prohibited by federal antitrust law. The alleged sharing of compensation related information has been the subject of several lawsuits against hospitals and healthcare-related human resource organization. As a result, we want to ensure that all members are aware of our policy and our commitment that the unsanctioned sharing of compensation related information is prohibited.

On a regular basis, WisHHRA will work with a third party partner, Newport Group, to conduct wage surveys as a benefit to our members. When we do so, we ask Newport Group, to ensure that the wage survey always complies with federal antitrust law.

While the sharing of compensation-related is generally prohibited, it is permissible to share compensation-related information if the wage survey is gathered and managed by a third party, seeks out data that is more than three months old and involves at least five participants, when no individual participant accounts for more than 25% on a weighted basis of the statistic reported, and the data is aggregated such that it would not be possible to identify the data of any particular participant. We feel our past wage surveys are well within the bounds of the law and will continue to ensure compliance with federal antitrust law.

We ask you to ensure that WisHHRA remains a solidly grounded organization through which our members feel they are able to share helpful information on human resources and build relationships among colleagues without running afoul of the federal law.

If you have any questions please contact the WisHHRA Office for assistance. 

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